The weekend and nutella.

One of my best friends came last weekend to São Paulo for a conference, and I took the opportunity to enjoy a little bit of this city (indoors, since it was raining) that I love in her free time.IMG_9478.jpg

I picked her up at the airport, and we went back home, since I needed to take my dog ( Chloe) to the groomers to get a haircut and a bath. My sister in law’s dog – this cute little lion- was speeding the weekend at my house and I took him for a walk, while we waited for Chloe.

Benny, Chloe and I

After that, we were so hungry, I took her to São Paulo Municipal market to eat delicious empanadas, and a humongous yummy cod fritter.

Rachel and I


Brazilian Empanadas!! Yummy in my tummy!!
São Paulo city market

Later at night, Rachel was feeling like eating italian food, so I took her to Eataly, which was recently opened in São Paulo.IMG_9696

Since the waiting time for the pasta restaurant  was about 1 hour, and we were soooo hungry, we decided to browse around the store….


A classic chef picture

Until we saw it. There… like it was in the end of the tunnel: the nutella bar. And all it took was a look at each other, we ended up eating dessert before dinner. But, seriously, who in this world can resist a nutella crepe? For me it is mission impossible.


My precious…

After that we barely had space in our stomach for pasta. But it was definitively worth it.

Time is Diamond!

Life gives every single person a beautiful shaped diamond, and this diamond represents our time.

Each moment we spend our time foolishly we are scratching it, making it smaller. And we can not and will not get these pieces back.

On the other hand when we use are time wisely, doing good to people and to ourselves we keep it intact and shiny.

I believe that each second we have in life is priceless and that memories are the most precious thing. They can not be taken aways from us.  When we are going through bad times, good memories can lift us up, give us strength and tell us not to give up.

With  our modern life we are always making excuses to ourselves on how we spend our time.

– I know I have to go the gym, but I will be just one more minute on facebook.(which end up being 5o.)

– Five more minutes to check my work e-mails, and then I will spend some quality time with my kids. (You loose track and when you realize you are done, the kids are already sleeping.)

I remember disliking having dinner with my family just so I could go to my bedroom and do something “more important” like watching  TV.

Today being older and living miles way from my parents and siblings, I wish I could have more dinners with them, just so I could hear their voices and see their beautiful smiles.

Everything comes and goes but memories stay.

Be smart take good care of your diamond. Keep it shining. be around those you love more often. Everything else can wait.



In this past year that I lived in Brazil, I met a lot of amazing people, and went to places that I had never been before. But a time I will never forget is the time that I had the opportunity of working at the only two star michelin restaurant in Brazil: D.O.M., and with one of my favorites chefs : Alex Atala.

IMG_6671Oysters with cupuaçu sorbet and mango tile


Working there was amazing. I got to work with ingredients from the amazon forest, that I never did before, like ants and spices. Also different herbs from all over Brazil.


One of the highlights, was working in the kitchen, while the were filming an episode of Chef’s table ( an amazing series about incredible chef’s from Netflix). They filmed me while I was working with the amazon ants, I had to open their legs with tweezers, and place them on top of  pineapple’s slices. I didn’t know what made me more nervous the fact that they were filming my hands so close, or the fact that chef Alex was watching everything happening so close. Maybe both. By the way, the ants taste like lemongrass. Yummy!


IMG_6836.JPGBut what I enjoy the most, was working with amazing people in there, they became my family, and I will miss them dearly.

IMG_6793.jpgIMG_7033.jpgPirarucu scales IMG_6937Mixed flowers ceviche 

IMG_7124Dandara, my favorite pastry chef, chef Alex and I.IMG_6665.jpg


IMG_7135Brazilian green pepper sorbet, pink pepper, ginger dust, parsley sprout and cilantro sprout.

Stripes and Jeans

Last month when I was in Miami visiting the in laws, it was cold and very humid.

I picked up an outfit that would be light, comfortable ( nothing better than jeans) and at the same time protect me from the wind. When I go shopping I dislike carrying a bag that way I can have my hands free to touch the clothes. I chose a cross bag/ wallet, big enough to carry cards, money and a cellphone.


IMG_8072IMG_8094Jeans: H&M
Top : Zara
Bag: Coach
Jewelry: Camila Klein, Alex & Annie
Flats: Bobô

A beautiful spring day

Cold mornings and hot afternoons? Don’t panic!  All you need is a jacket and a long dress.

I chose a light fabric long dress with a open back, for the hot hours of day, which I paired with a leather jacket, to keep the cold morning breeze out.