The weekend and nutella.

One of my best friends came last weekend to São Paulo for a conference, and I took the opportunity to enjoy a little bit of this city (indoors, since it was raining) that I love in her free time.IMG_9478.jpg

I picked her up at the airport, and we went back home, since I needed to take my dog ( Chloe) to the groomers to get a haircut and a bath. My sister in law’s dog – this cute little lion- was speeding the weekend at my house and I took him for a walk, while we waited for Chloe.

Benny, Chloe and I

After that, we were so hungry, I took her to São Paulo Municipal market to eat delicious empanadas, and a humongous yummy cod fritter.

Rachel and I


Brazilian Empanadas!! Yummy in my tummy!!
São Paulo city market

Later at night, Rachel was feeling like eating italian food, so I took her to Eataly, which was recently opened in São Paulo.IMG_9696

Since the waiting time for the pasta restaurant  was about 1 hour, and we were soooo hungry, we decided to browse around the store….


A classic chef picture

Until we saw it. There… like it was in the end of the tunnel: the nutella bar. And all it took was a look at each other, we ended up eating dessert before dinner. But, seriously, who in this world can resist a nutella crepe? For me it is mission impossible.


My precious…

After that we barely had space in our stomach for pasta. But it was definitively worth it.

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