China here I am!

Hey folks, I know I have been away from the blog for a while. The past month and a half was very crazy for me. I guess even though I didn’t feel stressed at all about the moving, my body disagreed with me. First I had severe shoulder pain, that made me feel like a T-Rex, since I could only move my hands for two weeks, when I finally got better the next day (not kidding) I woke up with a crazy allergy that me look like a tomato, and on the day of the trip I felt very sick to the point I had to postpone the flight in order to go to the hospital. (Greek evil eye donations please!!)

My last goodbye to my almost empty São Paulo’s apartment!

Thanks God, my hubby and the antibiotics, I felt much better and 2 days later we could finally fly to our new home. And now I can put you up to date.

The 14 hour flight left São Paulo Guarulhos on the early hours of April 13th to Doha Qatar, arriving there we had to wait for about five hours for our next flight, enough time to relax, eat a bit and explore the airport, which is so nice.

Doha Night view from the Airplane
yeah so nice to finally land!!


Burka store
Bear and lamp sculpture
My friend the camel

The airport lounge is so nice, and my soup was delicious!!


At 2am we boarded our flight to Shanghai our final destination , which took about eight hours.

We arrived in Shanghai with 10 flights, which took us 2 hours in the immigration line.


I was so tired by the time we arrived in the Hotel that I took a shower eat some food and slept for 15 hours. (new world record guys)


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