I Heart Ramen aka Noodles!

I am in Shanghai, mainland China, and one of my favorite things do to here is, to explore the wonders of the different Chinese cuisines this cosmopolitan city has to offer.IMG_1369.jpgIMG_1360.jpg

When I read that ramen (Japanese noodles) was actually introduced by the Chinese in Japan ( which makes sense since was the Chinese the ones who invented noodles.), that meant that they  would have a huge variety of noodle dishes, which made me a very happy gal indeed.

My relationships with noodles and soup are very ancient, strong and I can’t deny it. So when I saw a packed restaurant full of people eating  noodles, swimming in those broths full of yumminess, I didn’t have a choice but to enter the establishment and join them. IMG_1354.jpg

Moian is a very simply and modern noodle shop in Jing’an ( a neighborhood in Shanghai) that made me feel I was eating noodles in New York. IMG_1322.jpgIMG_1323.jpg

When you enter the place there is a couple of computers, which you  can browse the menu and place the order. Once you have printed the order ticket you go straight to the cashier and she will give you a number so the waitress can deliver the food to your table.

First they brought our juices in those cute, look a like mason jars (which I love) with colorful paper straws, and a few minutes later,  heaven on earth.IMG_1331.jpg

I ordered the beef noodles, and my husband the beef noodles with tomato broth, and I couldn’t decided which one I liked better.IMG_1359.JPG


I will definitively have to come back there to try it again. I am a very happy gal indeed.

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