Time is Diamond!

Life gives every single person a beautiful shaped diamond, and this diamond represents our time.

Each moment we spend our time foolishly we are scratching it, making it smaller. And we can not and will not get these pieces back.

On the other hand when we use are time wisely, doing good to people and to ourselves we keep it intact and shiny.

I believe that each second we have in life is priceless and that memories are the most precious thing. They can not be taken aways from us.  When we are going through bad times, good memories can lift us up, give us strength and tell us not to give up.

With  our modern life we are always making excuses to ourselves on how we spend our time.

– I know I have to go the gym, but I will be just one more minute on facebook.(which end up being 5o.)

– Five more minutes to check my work e-mails, and then I will spend some quality time with my kids. (You loose track and when you realize you are done, the kids are already sleeping.)

I remember disliking having dinner with my family just so I could go to my bedroom and do something “more important” like watching  TV.

Today being older and living miles way from my parents and siblings, I wish I could have more dinners with them, just so I could hear their voices and see their beautiful smiles.

Everything comes and goes but memories stay.

Be smart take good care of your diamond. Keep it shining. be around those you love more often. Everything else can wait.