Looking for Food

One of the first things I like to do when I go to a different country is to check their supermarkets.


I love to walk on the aisles, looking at all the different vegetables, fruits and products. I feel like a kid, exploring a new world, full of wonders. I find so interesting, how dramatically  our diets can change depending on the place we live.


From tropical fruits in Brazil to street food such as fried breaded whole crab in China.  I still have no clue how someone can eat this crab in the middle of the street.


Today is getting easier to find almost everything, everywhere, but, depending of where you live, you will have more options of that same product or not, it all depends on the popularity of it.

In Brazil for example, we just looove our pão de queijo ( cheese bread). You can find fresh-out-of-the oven ones, almost in every supermarket or bakery in Brazil.


IMG_9554Little baguettes is a must in every brazilian breakfast table, and we like it fresh as well.IMG_9540

Manioc bi-products, very popular in Brazil

Most of Brazilians have a very sweet tooth. We love cakes (always moist please), chocolate, pastries, fruits and of course ice cream and popsicles, to help us with the Brazilian heat.IMG_9538




Brazilians drinks more beer than milk ( for real), and they also love their meat: pork, beef, chicken, you name it, everything they need to make amazing churrasco ( barbecue).





IMG_2830.jpgIn China it is said, that you need seven necessities to begin a day: Firewood, rice, oil, salt, sauce, vinegar and tea. After learning that I understood why the vinegar/sauce/oil area in the supermarket is soo big.

They have so many types of soy sauce and vinegar that is hard to choose from.

food grocery3
credit: kschimdt495

Tea is big part of the Chinese daily life. There is over 3.000 teahouses in Shanghai.

Hangzhou Longjing Tea Plantation 9
Hangzhou tea plantation/ credit:Shanghai pathways




Tea in China can drastically varies in price, it depends what you are looking for. Here you can find from crappy tea bags to first grade loose leaf tea and also beautiful flowers infusions. They even have tea tastings on supermarkets around town.



Bottled sweet tea

Dumplings, noodles and buns are on the list of the most popular food in China, no wonder why, I got so addicted to them. They are simply delicious.

Shanghaineses love their meat, specially pork and duck. You can find a lot of take out restaurants around town selling only pork or only poultry with different sauces for every taste. I’ve seen lines that went around the block.



Chinese diet also tend to have a lot of fruits, dark green leafs, and mushrooms which are so cheap to buy.

Screen Shot 2016-05-25 at 4.02.32 AM.png
credit: thewoksoflife

IMG_1291IMG_2832Fruits shops  like this one are everywhere in the city.

Which foods do you like best?



China here I am!

Hey folks, I know I have been away from the blog for a while. The past month and a half was very crazy for me. I guess even though I didn’t feel stressed at all about the moving, my body disagreed with me. First I had severe shoulder pain, that made me feel like a T-Rex, since I could only move my hands for two weeks, when I finally got better the next day (not kidding) I woke up with a crazy allergy that me look like a tomato, and on the day of the trip I felt very sick to the point I had to postpone the flight in order to go to the hospital. (Greek evil eye donations please!!)

My last goodbye to my almost empty São Paulo’s apartment!

Thanks God, my hubby and the antibiotics, I felt much better and 2 days later we could finally fly to our new home. And now I can put you up to date.

The 14 hour flight left São Paulo Guarulhos on the early hours of April 13th to Doha Qatar, arriving there we had to wait for about five hours for our next flight, enough time to relax, eat a bit and explore the airport, which is so nice.

Doha Night view from the Airplane
yeah so nice to finally land!!


Burka store
Bear and lamp sculpture
My friend the camel

The airport lounge is so nice, and my soup was delicious!!


At 2am we boarded our flight to Shanghai our final destination , which took about eight hours.

We arrived in Shanghai with 10 flights, which took us 2 hours in the immigration line.


I was so tired by the time we arrived in the Hotel that I took a shower eat some food and slept for 15 hours. (new world record guys)


The weekend and nutella.

One of my best friends came last weekend to São Paulo for a conference, and I took the opportunity to enjoy a little bit of this city (indoors, since it was raining) that I love in her free time.IMG_9478.jpg

I picked her up at the airport, and we went back home, since I needed to take my dog ( Chloe) to the groomers to get a haircut and a bath. My sister in law’s dog – this cute little lion- was speeding the weekend at my house and I took him for a walk, while we waited for Chloe.

Benny, Chloe and I

After that, we were so hungry, I took her to São Paulo Municipal market to eat delicious empanadas, and a humongous yummy cod fritter.

Rachel and I


Brazilian Empanadas!! Yummy in my tummy!!
São Paulo city market

Later at night, Rachel was feeling like eating italian food, so I took her to Eataly, which was recently opened in São Paulo.IMG_9696

Since the waiting time for the pasta restaurant  was about 1 hour, and we were soooo hungry, we decided to browse around the store….


A classic chef picture

Until we saw it. There… like it was in the end of the tunnel: the nutella bar. And all it took was a look at each other, we ended up eating dessert before dinner. But, seriously, who in this world can resist a nutella crepe? For me it is mission impossible.


My precious…

After that we barely had space in our stomach for pasta. But it was definitively worth it.

Last days in Brazil

After ten years saying that I was going to move back to Brazil, I finally did.IMG_6313.JPGI booked my ticket for April 1st 2015 ( Brazil’s day of the lie), which made me think that I was actually kidding myself, it wouldn’t last long.IMG_4007 2.jpg

I love that fact that I was born in Brazil. The beaches, the gorgeous and happy people, the food ( who doesn’t love churrasco and brigadeiro?) , the CARNIVAL!!!




IMG_8902.JPGBut New York is my home and I can’t deny that. – Oh, so you are moving back to America? I am but not yet, first I have to make a little detour for a couple of years in CHINA!!!

After this news I decided that my life could become a blog, so I could share all about this amazing adventure of “finding myself” around the globe everyday.